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For Medical and Dental Professionals:

Perio Arts InstituteProtecting our patients from life-threatening disease and protecting ourselves from litigation are two equally powerful dynamics working in the field of contemporary medicine.

Our patients are becoming acutely aware of the interrelationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease through media reporting.

With serious systemic manifestations of oral disease being regularly reported in the medical and dental literature as well as the lay media, it is incumbent upon all health care professionals to have a clear understanding of the oral/systemic connection with regard to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease (to include heart attack and stroke), diabetes, infertility, preterm birth, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pulmonary disease, certain cancers, and much more. Without this knowledge firmly in the hands of physicians and other health care professionals, our patients’ health is at risk.

Dr. Samaha’s PerioPassion! Seminars allow healthcare professionals to assimilate current scientific knowledge on the oral/systemic link, which is critical to the safe and proactive daily care of their patients.

PerioPassion! attendeesThe Seminars are provided by accomplished speaker and author, Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha. Since 1982, Dr. Samaha has maintained her comprehensive, high-level private practice while researching, presenting and preparing a protocol for the comprehensive diagnosis and the conservative and successful treatment of periodontal disease. As a result of her three decades of classical observations and extensive study of the scientific literature, her protocol is unprecedented in the dental field. Dr. Samaha is helping to establish a new standard-of-care in the field of dental medicine. For the safe and effective care of your patient, this is a standard-of-care with which all must become acquainted, if for no other reason than to protect oneself from liability.

This seminar is well-accepted as we all seek to find ways to work with our medical colleagues in improving our mutual patients’ systemic health. This seminar is offered to colleagues who appreciate the dynamic relationship between oral and systemic health and are willing to become a part of this new movement in medicine now embraced by dental and other medical professionals around the globe.

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