Meet the Team

We are dedicated, enthusiastic, gifted and caring dental healthcare professionals.

Consistently, we challenge ourselves to provide clinical excellence and enhance health and self-esteem, in order that we may ultimately enrich the lives of the patients who choose and cherish these values.

We are a team of talented and discriminating individuals committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients. We are committed to treating each and every one of them with respect and dignity.

We offer five-star, first-class service and philosophy with integrity and professionalism. We do so in an exceptionally warm, tender, relaxing, advanced, and esthetically pleasing environment.

Meet the Faces of PWDA

  • Dr. Lisa Marie SamahaLisa Marie Samaha, DDS; Academy of General Dentistry Fellow; American Academy of Periodontology Associate Member; American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Member

  • Maria Rivera, Sr. Dental Assistant
    Trilingual: English, Italian, Spanish

    A native of Colombia, South America, Maria attended Fashion Design School before finding her passion in dentistry. With her creative background in fashion design, she has lived all over the world- but no matter what she has done or where she has lived, caring for her patients has been her truest joy. Her love of art and design is an asset in picturing the final treatment result from an artistic perspective – much like Dr. Samaha.

    While living in Puerto Rico for year and half, during Hurricane Maria, she experienced first-hand how crisis and stress can affect wellness. Maria brings that unique experience to the practice, finding that in dentistry, the mental health component is often ignored. This key to restorative integrative health is a focus of Port Warwick Dental Arts, especially for Maria.

    Maria finds great fulfillment working in the dentistry because there is always something new, innovative, and exciting to learn, placing great value on advanced continuing education courses. She loves fostering relationships with new patients, walking with them on their journey to full wellness. Her priority is coordinating a care plan with patients one-on-one, helping them bridge the gap between their oral and total health.

  • Leah Quillopo, Lab Director, Sr. Dental Assistant
    Bilingual: English, Tagalog

    Born and raised in the Philippines, Leah prefers to have beautiful family all around her. This is evident in the relationships she builds with patients and their families. She enjoys partnering with patients to manage and treat complex medical issues beginning with their oral health. Leah was trained as a dentist and a dental lab technician while in the Philippines, and her vast knowledge is of great support to Dr. Samaha and the team. In her role as Senior Dental Assistant and Lab Director, she takes a special interest in the mouth-body connection, helping patients heal in a natural manner.

    In 2006, she married, and they eventually moved to Virginia. She and her husband are parents to a precious little boy who has dreams of becoming a dentist. As a family, they enjoy gardening and spending time with each other.

    Leah works tirelessly to support Dr. Samaha and the team in all ways in the clinic, but especially with her expertise in the dental lab area, including custom dentures, for which our practice is known.

    With confidence, Leah provides individualized, patient-centered care that focuses on maintaining the patient’s overall well-being while supporting Dr. Samaha’s vision and treatment plan. Always keeping family at heart, she enjoys working with people of all ages, from babies to our elders.

  • Laura Bechtler, Practice Administrator
    An invaluable member of our team, Laura wears several hats on a daily basis and trades them out with grace. Tasked with overseeing the smooth running of our entire office, Laura is extremely skilled in administrative management as well as providing outstanding patient service. As an expert in finance management, procurement and inventory, you can rest assured that she will diligently seek to provide you with options for care and pursue avenues for patient treatment.

    As a former Director of Children’s Ministry, Laura has a passion for connecting with patients on a deeper level. While assisting Dr. Samaha in the management of communication between patient and practice, Laura fosters an understanding of complex medical issues using both conventional and complementary approaches. Her special interest in mind-body medicine drives her appreciation for connecting with a variety of people and watching their health- and their smiles- transform so quickly to total wellness, through the guided expertise of our amazing team.

    Laura proudly serves as an Elder & Deacon at a local Presbyterian church in Williamsburg. She is a mother of 2 children who loves exploring our great Peninsula with her family. As with most of our team, Laura loves the culinary arts.

    Her connection interpersonally with our team is a valuable component to ensuring our office runs efficiently and productively. Laura’s highest priority is ensuring our office maintains a personalized, patient-centered, participatory and predictive approach to the treatment of chronic disease.

    Laura ensures that our patients trust Port Warwick Dental Arts to deliver uniquely supportive holistic/cosmetic care. Because she values listening carefully to all their concerns and looking for the most balanced solution to address their needs, (including administrative efforts and insurance coordination of benefits), our patients feel that their total health is not just our passion, but our priority. With purpose, she also brings the tools of coaching and teaching to her collaborative relationship with patients.

  • Mandy Roberts, RDH, BS, QOM
    Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist
    After graduating Medical College of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene, Mandy, a Coast Guard wife and mom, has lived around the country practicing with top doctors. She is not only passionate about prevention and treatment of periodontal disease throughout life, Mandy loves caring for patients as young as newborns, while integrating her certification in Myofunctional Therapy*. Her commitment is to correct – in a most natural way – the health concerns associated with the growth and development of children’s jaws, for the prevention of breathing, speech, chewing and swallowing disorders. She and Dr. Samaha work in tandem with their unique protocol, helping adults and children with sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea, as well as the pain management of head, neck and jaws. Mandy’s certification in Myofunctional Therapy allows her to be a masterful member of our team.
    *WHY Myofunctional Therapy? To guide patients in the successful conditioning of the muscles of the head, neck, jaws and tongue for optimal breathing, chewing, and swallowing. If a patient has tethered oral tissues, (tongue or lip ties), s/he has navigated life developing compensations that they are not aware of, contributing to health challenges that increase in severity throughout life.

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