PerioPassion! Periodontal Nutrition Webinar

I know that many of you sat in on my webinar on October 13th on Periodontal Nutrition, hosted by DCEdental. I am grateful – and appreciate all the kind comments and interest I received afterwards via email and calls. We were joined by doctors and hygienists from England, Spain, Mexico, Australia, all over the US and Canada —- even an obscure island off Madagascar!

It seems the topic is hot all the way around, and the knowledge is scarce, so I am glad we did it!

Doing the webinar was actually a lot of fun. Although I have had invitations to do webinars in the past, I have always declined. The venue just didn’t interest me. In fact, it scared me! I couldn’t imagine that I would enjoy it, much less get excited about it enough to deliver a solid presentation. Well, funny thing – I found that within minutes of speaking into my computer, I felt like I was really speaking to a live group of professionals, sitting right in front of me! I am sure many of you who have done webinars have experienced the same feeling. Glad I was pushed to do this and am grateful to DCEdental for offering me this opportunity to connect with so many interested and forward-thinking healthcare professionals.

For those of you who want to take another peek at the webinar, or for those who want to see it fresh, below is the link for the webinar on my Perio Arts Institute website. See link below.…

With my other commitments (so many MORE courses I want to take!) along with other speaking commitments in 2012, our seminars will be limited to April 14 & 15 and Dec 7 & 8 in 2012.

The webinar is broken into five 10-minute segments for easy viewing.

Again, thanks for your interest! Here to help.

Lisa marie

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