People With Periodontal Disease Have Higher Cancer Risk

People who have periodontal disease have a higher overall risk of developing cancer, say researchers in the June issue of The Lancet, Oncology. Studies have suggested that tooth loss and periodontal disease might increase patients’ risk of developing cancer, but

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Reclaim Your Smile – Reclaim Your Health

Healthy dental habits are important for maintaining a pleasing smile, and they are more important than you might think for maintaining a healthy body. In fact, they are critical to achieving Total Body Wellness. Many will agree that healthy lifestyle

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Planning on Starting a Family? Don’t Forget this Critical Care

Before trying to start a family, get your gums checked. When you make the decision to start a family, you receive a lot of advice from doctors, friends, family and other well-wishers who have been through the process: eliminate exposure

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Affect Your Heart?

Since the mid-nineties, scientists have been increasingly observing a strong connection between poor oral health and heart conditions. How might oral health affect the heart? In gingivitis, the milder form of gum disease, infection leads to chronic inflammation—gums are swollen,

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Gentle Dental Laser Treatment

Dental lasers are like many other lasers used in medicine. In fact, lasers are becoming “standard of care” in the medical world. The range of laser use in medicine is vast – including general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, podiatry, cosmetic surgery,

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Is a Dental Visit Really Critical to Your Health?

Periodontal (gum) disease is a common and challenging bacterial infection that affects the gums and the bone supporting the teeth. It can also contribute to strikingly dangerous conditions in the rest of the body. And sadly, periodontal disease can have

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Periodontal Care – Focusing on Total Health

Focusing on Total Health “My story began about a year ago when I started experiencing severe mouth problems. I had always thought my teeth were fine; a bit coffee stained, but solid. To this point, I had always brushed every

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Port Warwick Dental Arts Advertorial Periodontal Disease and Hormonal Changes

Rolling with the Changes throughout a Woman’s Life – A healthy mouth is the key to a healthy body There are many rites of passage that we all look forward to throughout life—that first job, getting married, buying a home

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Port Warwick Dental Arts Designated a Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute Affiliated Dental Practice

Cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha’s 30 year private practice of dental wellness and her work at the forefront of oral/systemic disease has caught the attention of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute. Dr. Samaha just returned from the

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Innovative Perio Program

The American Academy of Periodontology recommends that each person in the family be tested for gum disease, which can begin in early childhood.

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