A Denture Facelift in Newport News! Erase Years Without Cosmetic Surgery

Before FOY Dentures®

Before FOY Dentures®

After FOY Dentures®

After FOY Dentures®

The Denture Fountain of Youth®is our highly efficient and comfortable technique for replacing missing teeth. This process results in stunning “facelift-like” results.

Gum disease, a common and aggressive oral infection that causes destruction of the jawbone, is the number one reason people lose their teeth. After bone loss, the teeth no longer have a support structure to dig into. So, when a person loses all of their teeth and gets a set of dentures, the already weakened jawbone continues to dissolve away at a rapid rate. This is because after teeth are lost, the jawbone is programmed to shrink away. Eventually, the face begins to get a “sunken-in” look. The chin and nose get closer together as the face begins to collapse, causing rapid aging.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® help to restore the soft facial tissue by supporting the face in the same way natural teeth and bone usually do. At Port Warwick Dental Arts, Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha has been creating beautiful smiles since 1982, including custom designed dentures. But many hours of appointment time and try-ins were needed in order to accomplish what she can now do in a fraction of the time with this technique. With this method, she is quickly able to determine where the teeth would have ideally been located when you were in your twenties or thirties – giving you the most natural looking smile, while totally rejuvenating your entire facial structure.

In early 2010, Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha and our talented Dental Lab Assistant, Leah Quillopo, completed their advanced training for the highly successful, state-of-the-art The Denture Fountain of Youth®. This process allowed PWDA to become the first practice in Virginia (and one of the first in the world) to be educated in this technique. When we create The Denture Fountain of Youth®, the outcome can be dramatic – like a facelift – often in a few short visits. This restorative dentistry facelift, however, is totally without pain, bruising or swelling because no facial surgery is needed! For some, the jawbone has melted severely away due to many years without teeth. There is no longer any bone to hold a denture in place. However, there is a great option available.

Dr. Samaha is also experienced in the placement and restoration of dental implants, which are small titanium posts that are gently secured in the jawbone and can snap onto tiny attachments inside your denture. The procedure is quick and easy, allowing the denture to fit securely, no longer rocking or slipping while eating or speaking. To learn more about this, we invite you to visit our website, call us, or ask at your next cosmetic dental appointment.

We encourage you to share our excitement with family and friends so we can help them, too. Your referral will secure a complimentary The Denture Fountain of Youth® consultation with our doctor. We look forward to helping more of them to smile with comfort and confidence!

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